Connecting the world
through the integrated tea industry.

Times, generations, and overseas.
With more people from all over the world in the coming era.

Yamama Masudaen has been making tea for over 150 years since its establishment in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1876.
We deliver the highest quality Japanese tea to people around the world based on our “integrated production,” in which we handle everything in-house from tea cultivation to tea production, commercialization, distribution, and sales.

About Masudaen Tea


Connecting the world through
the integrated tea industry.

Tsuyomi Masuda President and CEO

The end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration were also milestones for the development of the tea industry for Shizuoka Prefecture.
It has been said that the first effort to founded Masudaen in 1870 was from the cultivation project to make the Makinohara Plateau a major tea garden. This project was guided by Bunroku Maruo an influential person in Ikeshinden Village (present-day Ikeshinden district, Omaezaki City) as a relief measure for Kawagoe Ninsoku in Oigawa River, who lost their jobs.
The tea plantation in Koizumihara, which started the cultivation, is currently managed and cultivated by our company, Yamama Masudaen.
Since then, in the flow of a century and a half, we currently have traded in more than 20 countries around the world.
Tsuyomi Masuda, the president, established a corporate company in 1977 because he wanted to correctly convey his experience and achievements as a tea farmer who has been inherited for four generations, the locality unique to this area, and above all, the charm of deep steamed tea. We have expanded our business from tea cultivation to tea making, commercialization, distribution and sales. Integrated tea production system was not in Japan at that time. It’s established with our own efforts. We also support global standards, including the acquisition of the Rainforest Alliance Certification System.
We will protect this Makinohara tea garden, which has been soaked with the sweat and blood of the first generation, predecessors, and many ancestors since the time of the land reclamation business, and deliver the highest quality deep-steamed tea to the world. And pass on the tea culture and industry to the next generation. Such thoughts and wishes are contained in the tea leaves of Masudaen.

Connecting the world through the integrated tea industry to the times, generations, and overseas.
With more people in the world in the coming era.

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