OEM Information

We will support your business as Tea OEM maker.

Achievements and trust established in 1981, We Masudaen are strong manufacturer on *PB (Private Brand) products of Shizuoka Tea *OEM production OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) means we will fully support your planning, development and production to meet your brand and direction.

There is much new demand nowadays for PB (private brand) products and OEM manufacturing. In order to respond to those demands, we consider making custom-made products which meet the end-user.

OEM Flow

Business Support

In addition to the food industry, regardless of its size, PB products (private brands) and OEM manufacturing are growing as new demand.
In order to do that, product manufacturing according to each company’s brand and direction is indispensable to respond to a wide variety of needs.
Masudaen proposes PB product planning and OEM manufacturing according to the needs of companies.

Healthy tea

We consider tea as a functional food, and propose high-quality “original blend tea” faster and cheaper than anywhere else.


If you use it for prizes for events and exhibitions, business cards, etc., you can deliver good impressions and corporate thoughts.

Amenities for business use

Since everything is consistently operated from directly managed tea plantations to sales, it is possible to make proposals with low costs without losing quality.

Raw material supply

By entrusting various tests such as bacterial tests to the third organization, we prove that there is no lie and have a system that you can use with peace of mind.